CELL POWER CPUSB01 12V to 5V MiniUSB Power Adapter


CELL POWER CPUSB01 12V to 5V MiniUSB Power Adapter with BDP (Battery Discharge Prevention) Low Voltage Cut-Off for Street Guardian SG9665GC (and other mini-USB powered) DashCam products

Hard wire power directly to your DashCam (miniUSB powered) 12-24 Volt Compatible.

You can wire the CELL POWER CPUSB01 miniUSB BDP hard wire kit to a "Switched" Accessory fuse power circuit and it will turn on/off with the car engine. Tip: Be sure to actually start the engine when testing Switched ACC power, turning the key one notch to ACC without starting the engine is too low on some cars

You can technically wire it to "Non-Switched" Battery fuse power circuit, but we recommend the Vico-Power Plus or MotoPark Fine Safer for parking mode operations

Total Length = 13 feet / (4 meters) miniUSB side = 8 feet / (2.5 meters) fuse panel side wire = 5ft (1.5 meters) Red/Black wires are 16 AWG *Note, Add-a-fuse pigtail not included (5A fuse is ok)

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