VIOFO A11CPL CPL (Circular Polarizing Lens)


VIOFO A11CPL Circular Polarizing Lens (CPL) clips onto 2017 Edition A119 A119S & A118C2 DashCams (Reduce Reflections and Glare!)

Clips onto 2017 A119, A119S & A118C2 DashCams with new re-tooled lens housing slots

Reduce Reflections and Glare, Pre-Calibrated Ready to Go! (Latest Batch) CPL Effect is Blanced for Day & Night

VIOFO - As Seen on DashCamTalk !

Note, Users have reported it's possible to fit this CPL on original 2016 A118/A119 units with a bit of DIY effort. (add Blu-Tack/Fun-Tak)

Reduce Reflections and Glare on your JooVuu X DashCam ActionCam

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